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HOMEWORK for 12/18

Language Arts Homework
4th- Literature Review Packets due Friday
     - Comprehension packets due Friday
 5th - Unit 8 Vocab due Friday
       - Unit 8 Extra vocab sentences due Friday
       - Choice Board- choose 3 due Friday
       -Vocab website

 6th - Jingle Bells paper due tomorrow
Math Homework
5th- Lesson 41 #15-25
     - Find Your Budget due tomorrow
Social Studies Homework
5th- Study
    -Here is the class link for 5th grade SS  https://quizlet.com/join/nDdtWxA3j

Religion Homework
5th- read and complete page 59-60 and get page 59 signed - due Wednesday
     - Liturgical Wheel due Wednesday
Science Homework
5th- None

In the video below, Donalyn Miller explains the '40 Book Challenge' which we will be participating in this year.